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Posted by David Reed on 06/02/2017


HAG has added FedEx's Cologne, Germany hub to our operations. FedEx recently moved from Paris to Cologne as their central and eastern European sorting center. Using a 727-200F, we have added routes from Cologne to Stuttgart and Milan, Lyon and Marseille, Ostrave and Belgrade, Copenhagen and Linkoping, and Dresden. Go to HJG for the classic 727F in original FedEx purple and enjoy the late night fun of flying freight. All flights are under an hour, easy on your flight sim schedule.




HAG's own cargo airline, Seven Seas, will be adding a DC-8 soon! This DC8-55F will be used to carry freight from Miami to points throughout the Caribbean. Capable of carrying 93,000 lbs, the DC8-55F can fly up to 2665 nm. ABX Air in Wilmington OH has just completed heavy C & D checks as well as avionics upgrade including ADS-B out and SatWx install. Registered N910BD, this newest addition to the Seven Seas fleet will begin service this weekend. Look for textures on Flightsim.com (sevenseasdc8.zip). Seven Seas (SSA) currently operates the Piper Chieftain, D-18S, CV340 and DC-9 out of Miami and San Juan on scheduled air cargo service.


Air California, later known as Air Cal, was founded in 1967 as an intrastate airline using two Lockheed Electra's. Later they added a pair of DC-9's but in 1969 they began changing to an all Boeing 737 fleet. Later they added seven MD-80's and six BAe-146's. The BAe-146 allowed Air Cal to operate into noise-sensitive Orange County Airport. Air Cal competed with PSA in the California market with San Jose as their main hub. American Airlines needed an established west coast route structure like Air Cal had, so in 1987 AMR bought Air Cal and made the owners fabulously rich! HAG has added twenty four flights using the DC-9 and B737 from San Jose to Oakland, Burbank, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Ontario and San Diego.











 There are new stories in our own Cockpit Chronicals. Just click on the link on the right and enjoy the stories from forty plus years of commerical aviation.




 Japan Airlines started shortly after World War II as part of the rebuilding program the United States was supporting along with the Japanese government. Initially they started with a Martin 202 that was leased, with crew, from Northwest Orient Airlines. However one year later it crashed into a mountain enroute to Tokyo. Undaunted, JAL purchased several DC-4s from military surplus and began flying national routes. In 1954, at great expense, they purchased several DC-6B aircraft and began service to San Francisco through Midway Island and Hawaii. As business improved, they stayed with Douglas through the DC-7C and DC-8. In the late 1960's the last DC-4s were traded in on new 727-100's, marking a shift from Douglas to Boeing equipment. We have added twenty new flights to include the DC-6 and the B727 in our current JAL fleet of aircraft. Enjoy the luxurious service of Japan Airlines! 








 Cayman Airways started in 1968 when the Cayman government bought it from LACSA. They started with a single DC-3 and later added a DC-6. Fairly quickly they went into jets with the BAC 1-11/500, connecting Grand Cayman with Miami, Houston and Kingston. Later they traded the BAC 1-11 aircraft for two Boeing 727-200's. A single DC-8 was leased in the 1980's and eventually these aircraft were replaced with 737's. Here we have created flights for the 727 and DC8 to Miami and Houston, and 727 service to nearby Cayman Brac. When the first 727 landed at Cayman Brac, they actually touched down on the small beach, bounced up and landed on the runway pavement. After dropping off passengers at the small wooden terminal, they powered out of the small ramp and totally destroyed the control tower with the jet blast. Your HAG President worked in the Cayman's and learned this first hand!




 Scandinavian Airlines has always had its eye on the international market. In November 1954 SAS began service to Los Angeles from Copenhagen via Greenland and Winnepeg CA with a DC-6B. In February 1957, SAS began using its new DC-7C from Copenhagen to Tokyo via Anchorage. In 1959 SAS started flying jets, with the SUD Caravelle, which flew mostly European routes. In May of 1960 they bought their first DC-8-33 aircraft and began non-stop flights to New York and Montreal, and one stop Polar flights to Los Angeles and Tokyo. HAG has entered these flights for those with long haul flights on their mind!







 Olympic Airlines had a rocky start. Originally called Icarus, it started in 1930 but never saw 1931. After World War II there were three airlines in Greece, but they all had a poor reputation for safety and reliability. The government merged all three into one called TAE in 1951. By 1955 TAE was in dire financial straits and the government sold the airline to Aristotle Onassis, a multi-millionaire in the shipping business. Mr Onassis changed the name to Olympic Airways and immediately began a modernization program with orders for 13 DC-6B's. In 1959 Olympic ordered four Comets to bring them into the jet age. They also signed a codesharing agreement with BAE. In 1965 they ordered 15 Boeing 707/720's and 12 727s to replace their Comets. This move tripled their revenue. In 1970 they ordered ten YS-11s to replace the last of the DC-3s and DC-6Bs. Unfortunately, the Greek government always remained a part of Olympic Airways management and as their debts increased, so did the airline's debts. Several attempts at taking the company private failed and eventually in 2009 the airline was closed for good.AT HAG we have flights for the DC-3, DC-6B, YS-11, Comet and 727. 


 The cargo airline first flew in 1972 as AeroNorte using a single C-46 in regional cargo operations. A DC-6 was added in 1975. In 1986 they changed their name to Lineas Aereas Suramericana (South American Airlines) along with a new operating certificate, bought a used CL-44 and began international flights to Panama. In 1987 they bought a Sud Caravelle. In 1991 they bought their first 727-51F, which started life in 1965 with Northwest Orient Airlines, then National/PanAm before being converted to a freighter in 1985. In 2001 a pair of DC-9F's were added to handle increased regional freight traffic. In the next four years they retired the CL-44, Caravelle and DC-9's, replacing them with another 727-100F and three 727-200F. 727-024C first flew in 1967 for Continental Airlines. The 727-2X3 was built in 1981 and flew for various charter companies before being converted to a freighter in 1996. The 727-2F9 first flew in 1977 for Nigeria Airlines, then Alaska and Continental Micronesia before being converted in 2000. 727-251 flew for Northwest from 1975 to 1996 when it was converted to freight. In 2008 two 727-200F Super27's were added. The two were side by side coming down the assembly line, built as freighters for FedEx. Both flew for FedEx for 25 years. 2016 brought an order for two brand new 737-800BCF freighters. LAS flies to many destinations throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean, as well as Miami and Atlanta. Look for new destinations to be added to our list soon!



  The Belgian Air Force has been operating since the earliest days of aviation. After WW2 they flew cargo and passengers in Fairchild C-119 Fly Boxcars and Douglas C-47s. We have added 44 flights along with 11 new cities. Belgian AF flights fly to NATO air bases in France, Great Britian, Germany, Norway and Sweden.







  In the late 1960's, electronic survelliance came into its own with the development of the RC-135 series of aircraft. These were highly modified C-135 aircraft and used by the USAF and RAF to support theater and national level intelligence consumers with near real-time on-scene collection, analysis and dissemination capability. One version is the RC-135U/W Rivet Joint aircraft, in use since the late 1960's. We have added four flights, three USAF and one RAF. These flights operate identical to charter flights in that they depart and land at the same airport. Where they go is up to you! The USAF flights are based at Kadena AFB/Okinawa, Shemya Island AB Alaska and Incirlik AFB in Turkey. The RAF is based at  RAF Waddington. Real time intel gathering  is the goal, but don't stray into unfriendly airspace!





  ValuJet Airlines (VAL) was founded in 1992 as a low cost carrier. They bought older DC-9s from many different operators for their low purchase cost. Pilots had to pay for their own training, and maintenance was outsourced to many companies, who in turn subcontracted work to other companies. These bare-bones tactics caused the Dept of Defense to reject ValuJet's bid to fly military personnel, citing serious concerns over quality assurance procedures. In three years ValuJet aircraft made 129 emergency landings, causing the FAA to make Valujet first get approval before adding aircraft or new cities, something that hadn't been done since regulation. With numerous maintenance violations such as rusty engine parts and uncorrected hydraulic faults, the FAA finally grounded ValuJet in 1996 after the crash of flight 592 in the Florida Everglades. ValuJet flights can be flown from their Atlanta hub to 12 different cities. 



  US Air Force Reserve flights have been added in both the US and Europe using McDonnell-Douglas C-9 aircraft. These aircraft were workhorses of the Reserve fleet, carry military personnel from base to base on an airline style schedule. In Europe our C9 is based in the UK at RAF Mildenhall, while the US-based C9 fleet is at Scott AFB near St Louis. Originally the C-9 Nightingale was ordered for aeromedical transport in 1968. The USAF operated the C-9A and VC-9C, while the Navy and Marines operated the C-9B. The last USAF C-9 was retired in 2011, and the Navy retired theirs in 2014. The Marines still operate two C-9Bs. Navy and Marine C-9Bs had a higher gross weight (114,000 lbs) and all models had extended range fuel tanks giving the C-9 a range of 2900 miles. All military C-9s were known for their high level of quality maintenance, giving them the highest dispatch reliability rating of any DC-9/C-9 operator.




  Here are a few stats about our favorite VA. Top Ten Airlines flown: #1 Lufthansa, KLM, BOAC, PanAm, American, TWA, United, Eastern, USAF & Chester Charter.

Top Ten Aircraft flown: #1 DC3, Connie, DC6/7, B707, B727, B747, DC8, Convair 240/340/440, B737, DC4.

Top Ten Highest Time Aircraft: #1 TWA L049, KLM DC3, AAL DC3, USAF C135, Cathay DC3, Lufthansa B747, PAA DC3, Sabena DC6B, BOAC VC10, NWA B377.