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Company Statistics

Pilots: 49
Hours: 37,934
Flights: 16,851
Flights Today: 3
Pilots In Flight: 1
PAX Carried: 78,323,632
Freight Carried: 23,380,143
Miles Flown: 10,340,296
Aircraft: 85
Schedules: 15095
News Items: 47
Recruitment Status: Open


Company News

Posted by David Reed on 10/19/2020


     The administrative team at HAG has been busy this month. We have revised the schedules for the Eastern's DC6B, DC7B, L1049, L749, Qantas Electra II, and National's DC7B, DC8, DC10 and B727. This means that we have replaced previous flights with flights from representative time period timetables, using actual flight numbers and departure/arrival times.

     In addition, we added 22 Seven Seas Air Cargo VLR (very long range) 747 flights to the schedule. Most of these exceed 6000 miles. The SAS 737-201 was dropped and the New York Air 737 was changed to the 737-300.

     The Historic Airline Group is dedicated to bringing you the world's most accurate classic airline schedules for your classic flight sim enjoyment.

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Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
FIN5973Kurt NEKCHEHAMDC8-601.100 ft/mPending
NWA7748BJ LKJFKKDTWMD801.350 ft/mPending
ASA1382Greg VPAMCPAOTC4601.31-177 ft/mPending
NWA45David RPHNLKORDB747-20007.32-251 ft/mPending
SAA9819Wim DFXMMFAJSB737-20000.57-291 ft/mPending
COA3695Herman KPANCKPDXB737-3003.150 ft/mPending
FIN5998Paul BVTBDEFHKDC10-3011.050 ft/mAccepted
QFA9608Jonathan SWIIIYSSYB747-2006.260 ft/mAccepted
PIE9246Chris CKRICKORFF-2800.22-242 ft/mAccepted
MSA7106Herman KWMKKVDPPB737-3001.450 ft/mAccepted

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