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Posted by David Reed on 05/28/2021

June 2021


TWA DC-9 Routes

    We have just finished an all-new listing of flights for the Trans World Airlines DC9 series. One hundred and eighty eight new schedules were created using the timetable from 1969 and include accurate flight numbers, departure times and arrival times. While listed for the DC9-30, the flights may be operated by either the DC9-10, DC9-30 or DC9-50. Most of these flights are under an hour in length, exactly what the DC-9 was designed for. When you're ready for some challenging local service, try out one of the new, historically accurate TWA flights today.










Summer Circumnavigation Event- Part II

    Our first Circumnavigation Event involved piston engine flights around the world. Several pilots participated and a good time was had by all! Many challenges were encountered and overcome. We now move on to the next event.

   June: Turboprop Circumnavigation. You may use any turboprop-type aircraft to complete this trip. Flights begin in Amsterdam, and return to Amsterdam. All flights must proceed south/east from Amsterdam when starting the event.

The June event can be flown by any turboprop aircraft used on any flights at the Historic Airline Group. This includes the Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy, Hawker-Siddley 748, Bristol Britannia, Canadair CL-44, Convair 580, DHC8-400, DHC7, Fokker/Fairchild F27/227, Ilyushin IL-18, Saab 340, Tupolev TU-114, Vickers Vanguard & Viscount, Lockheed L188 and the Nihon YS-11. It is a challenge for sure, but it can be done. Good luck!










United Airlines DC8-50 Series

We have just finished an all-new listing of flights for the United Airlines DC8 50 series. Seventy four new schedules were created using the timetable from April 1969 and include accurate flight numbers, departure times and arrival times. In addition to traditional Mainliner flights, we also have (transcontinental) Red Carpet flights and Royal Hawaiian flights. New additions include San Francisco to Hilo, Hawaii, as well as San Diego to Honolulu, and a long nonstop from New York-Kennedy to Honolulu. Check out our newest group of historically accurate flights and fly the friendly skies in a classic DC8!














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