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Pilots: 69
Hours: 40,048
Flights: 17,401
Flights Today: 2
Pilots In Flight: 1
PAX Carried: 78,408,886
Freight Carried: 30,764,171
Miles Flown: 11,060,974
Aircraft: 86
Schedules: 15580
News Items: 62
Recruitment Status: Open


Company News

Posted by David Reed on 01/09/2021

New Event

Destination of the Month: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

Aircraft of the Month: Boeing 707

     This year we begin a new series called DOM/AOM, Destination of the Month and Aircraft of the Month. We encourage pilots to try out the highlighted destination and aircraft. When you fly to a highlighted destination airport during the specific month, using the aircraft of the month, you will earn double the flight hours!

     For January we are featuring Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport and the Boeing 707 (all models). Sydney (YSSY) is unique in that it is one of the few major airports that does not have international in its name. It started out as a grazing field in 1919 when Nigel Love returned from World War I and created the Mascot Aircraft Manufacturing Company. However, business was difficult and in four short years they closed their doors. The Commonwealth took over ownership of their airport and Sydney Airport was born. In 1936 the name was changed to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, in honor of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, an early Australian aviation pioneer who had died the previous year during a record-breaking attempt to fly from England to Australia.

     Dirt runway gave way to three gravel runways in 1933. The first paved runway didn’t come along until 1959, for the jets. That runway is now the longest runway in Australia at 14,300’. The first jumbo jet, a PanAm 747, landed in Sydney in 1970. The airport is built using a lot of reclaimed land in Botany Bay. For decades they have discussed how best to expand the airport and finally in 1992 a major redesign and update took place. In 2001 Sydney was awarded World’s Best Airport. This, despite being limited by a 11pm to 6am curfew and a limit of 80 aircraft movements per hour. Today, fifty airlines serve Sydney.

     The Historic Airline Group has 71 flights with Sydney as the destination, including twelve 707 flights from Honolulu, Tokyo, Singapore, Aukland, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth using Qantas, Malaysia-Singapore and Canadian-Pacific.



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AAA207Kurt NYPPHYPADDC9-332.400 ft/mPending
PIE10361David RKORFKLGAB727-10000.55-165 ft/mAccepted
CPA3919Kurt NWIIIYPPHL10113.420 ft/mAccepted
BCC431Herman KEGKKLXGBBAC1-112.200 ft/mAccepted
EAL4661Steward AKATLKBHMDC-31.26-385 ft/mAccepted
EIN566Herman KEIDWLEBLBAC1-112.400 ft/mAccepted
CPA3926Kurt NYPPHWIIIL10113.520 ft/mAccepted
PIE10366David RKRDUKORFB727-10000.40-322 ft/mAccepted
PIE10297Greg VKLGAKCLTB737-20001.41-207 ft/mAccepted
EAL1009David RKMIAKLGADC9-5203.19-219 ft/mAccepted

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