Flying Charters

Flying charters is easy. Charters can originate and end at any two airports of your choosing. We have several aircraft to choose from.

Charter Fleet

  • Cessna 185 (Floats), 207 and T210M
  • DHC2 Beaver (Floats)
  • D18S Twin Beech
  • Baron 58
  • PA31 Chieftain
  • KingAir 350
  • Learjet 45
  • DC9/DC9F
  • DC3


Charter Bases


  • Hayward CA Baron 58, D18S, Cessna T210M, KingAir 350, PA31, Learjet 45
  • St Louis MO Baron 58, D18S, Cessna T210M, KingAir 350, PA31, Learjet 45, DC9
  • Chester CT Baron 58, D18S, KingAir 350, PA31
  • Juneau AK Baron 58, D18S, Cessna T210M & 207, KingAir 350, PA31, Learjet 45, DC3, DC9
  • Luton UK. Baron 58, D18S, Cessna T210M, KingAir 350, PA31, Learjet 45, DC9F


Let’s fly from Teterboro NJ to Nantucket MA. in truth we would have to deadhead from Chester to Teterboro, and from Nantucket back to Chester. You can fly these deadhead legs or not, your choice. 

To select a trip, look up flights by aircraft type. All charter aircraft are followed by the word Charter, i.e., PA31 CHARTER.  Let’s use the PA31 Chieftain. Select the flight for “PA31 flights out of Chester CT” because this is the closest charter base. Aways select the charter base closest to your flight. Always use one of the charter aircraft for charter flights (no substitutions please). Now, go fly the trip!

When you are ready to file a pirep, select “file pirep”. You don’t need to change the destination and departure airports. Simply enter the fuel used and flight time. This is cumulative for the entire trip. In the comments section simply write something like “Teterboro to Nantucket”. 

Remember, you can fly from anywhere you like, to anywhere you like.

Thats it! Enjoy!

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