Finnair Expansion

We have just added several new Finnair flights. Taken from a 1990 timetable, these flights represent short, medium and long haul routes. This includes flights for the DC9-10 and the MD87, with flights from Helsinki to Athens, Cairo, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Goteborg, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Rome. Their DC10 now flies non-stop to Bangkok, Bejing, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Tokyo and Toronto. Finnair started out using Fokker aircraft on floats. After WW2, Finnair expanded using surplus C47/DC3's. In 1953 Finnair moved into Convair 440's for their first pressurized aircraft. In 1961 they bought their first jet, a Caravelle. In 1969 they bought a DC8-62 and started Helsinki to New York service. DC9's came on line in 1971, followed by the DC-10's in 1975. Finnair was the first western European airline to fly non-stop to Tokyo, using a DC10-30ER, and the first European airline to fly to China.




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