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Company Statistics

Pilots: 61
Hours: 41,332
Flights: 17,860
Flights Today: 0
Pilots In Flight:
PAX Carried: 78,455,515
Freight Carried: 33,374,290
Miles Flown: 11,459,245
Aircraft: 90
Schedules: 15370
News Items: 66
Recruitment Status: Open


Company News

Posted by David Reed on 05/02/2021

May 2021

Summer Circumnavigation Event

   Join us this summer for our first annual Summer Circumnavigation Event ©. This event allows you to fly a route around the world using various aircraft types- classic piston, turboprops, early jets and wide bodies.

    May: Classic Circumnavigation. You may use either a DC-4, DC6, DC7, Stratocruiser or a Constellation to complete this event. Flights begin in San Francisco International, and return to SFO. All flights must proceed west from SFO when starting the event. 

   June: Turboprop Circumnavigation. You may use any turboprop-type aircraft to complete this trip. Flights begin in Amsterdam, and return to Amsterdam. All flights must proceed south/east from Amsterdam when starting the event.

   July: Narrow Body Circumnavigation. You may use either a 707, DC8, Comet or VC10 to complete this trip. Flights begin in New York at JFK International, and return to JFK. All flights must proceed east from JFK when starting the event. 

   August: Widebody Circumnavigation. You may use either a 747, L1011 or DC10 to complete this trip. Flights begin in London, and return to London. All flights must proceed south/east from Heathrow when starting the event. 

   Completion: When you have completed a Part, send a message to the administrator stating so, with a brief description of your route. Once verified, an Event Award will be placed on your personnel page.


New Pan Am 747 Routes

We just added twelve new routes for early Pan Am 747's. These include service between Los Angeles and London; New York and Paris; Los Angeles and San Francisco; San Francisco and Tokyo; Tokyo and Hong Kong; and New York and San Juan, Puerto Rico. We have short trips, medium trips and very long trips for one of our favorite widebodies.





Fastest Across The Pond, 1952

Back in the long before time, a Captain for TWA had to roll with the schedule. Sure, his friends and neighbors all think his job is so glamorous, flying to Europe every couple of weeks. But to the typical Captain, it was a lot of work and juggling. You were still current in the L049, so of course the L749 too. The new L1049 check ride two months ago made you a jack of all trades. You've been crossing the Pond since being hired in 1948, you know the routine well, though trying to keep things routine is hard to do. Weather is a big factor and a big unknown. You may be scheduled for New York to Gander, Paris, Rome, Shannon and back to New York, but all that could change at the next landing. You might fly to Gander on an L749, then switch to a L1049G to Paris. You might stop in Shannon briefly, might not. After that, Europe had their own group of planes. You never knew if your next flight was going to be an old, worn out L049, or some version of the others. All of these required different flight planning considerations. Differences in speed, fuel burn rates, weights and range were all a consideration. Starting, taxi and takeoff were similar TWA procedures, but there were differences. Power settings were different. Speeds were different. Some had radar, some didn't. And that European weather was always at odds. You learned to just look out the window at the gate, see what was parked there, go inside operations and flight plan that one. TWA was all about speed, so everything was go go go. Running the fastest trans-Atlantic airline took focus, determination and a sharp eye to the clock. You walk out to your airplane, an early 1049, and discover the mechanics have found an oil leak. They switch you to the backup plane, a 749 model. You head back inside to flight planning....

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Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
KLM284ADavid WLYBELOWWDC9-331.220 ft/mPending
RJA7051Herman KOJAMLIRFCaravelle3.300 ft/mAccepted
PEO11386Greg VKDFWKEWRB727-20003.12-354 ft/mAccepted
JAL601BDavid RPHNLRJTTDC-7C08.21-1255 ft/mAccepted
CRZ106AHerman KSBGLSBBECaravelle3.250 ft/mAccepted
DLH4624Bill KKBOSEDDFDC10-3007.090 ft/mAccepted
KLM515AJohn SEGKKEHAMDC-21.330 ft/mAccepted
BEA902Panos TEGLLEPWADH 106 02.11-628 ft/mAccepted
PIE10Don BKDENKCLTB727-2003.020 ft/mAccepted
PAA9269Peter VMMTPMGGTDC-301.05-52 ft/mAccepted

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