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Company Statistics

Pilots: 86
Hours: 39,806
Flights: 18,516
Flights Today: 1
Pilots In Flight: 1
PAX Carried: 96,829,630
Freight Carried: 4,758,750
Miles Flown: 10,972,323
Aircraft: 574
Schedules: 17291
News Items: 22
Recruitment Status: Open


Company News

Posted by Gene Z on 01/17/2020

HAG Discord Server

Historic Airline Group now has a Discord chat/PM/voice server for exclusive use by HAG pilots.

See the forums for info on accessing the Discord server. If you do not have a forum account, send a Staff member a message using the My Messages (AIRMail) facility and we can get you set up with forum access.

No info on Discord access will be posted on any public areas of the website.


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Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
UTA16693Henry DGABSGCLPCARA UTA03.34-148 ft/mAccepted
NDR9749Greg VCYULCYFBB737 NDR03.31-231 ft/mAccepted
NWA10201David RKSEAKJFKB727 NWA04.42-163 ft/mAccepted
EAL1263Derek JKMTNKGSPDC91 COA01.39-162 ft/mPending
EAL1262Derek JKDTWKMTNDC9 CHARTER02.41-333 ft/mPending
EAL6633Henry DKLAXKMCOL1011 EAL05.06-218 ft/mAccepted
BZA3411Stu GKPHXKSLCDC93 DAL1.140 ft/mAccepted
UAL16092David RKDCAKMKEB727 UAL02.12-231 ft/mAccepted
AAC26Timothy WMYNNKOPFDC3 ATLANTIC1.400 ft/mAccepted
AAC31Timothy WKOPFMYNNDC3 ATLANTIC1.280 ft/mAccepted

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HAG Discord Server